Tired ? Say stop !

Energy, form, tone and vitality are essential in these times for maintaining the rhythm of our modern life. Lack of energy and tone, whether occasional or persistent, can have significant effects on our personal and working lives.

Tiredness seeps in little by little, affecting our daily life; you can even feel tired when you wake up. In France, more than one in two people are affected and 500,000 appointments a day are spent discussing it!

But where does it actually come from? There are often several different causes of tiredness. To find them, take a look at yourself! Analyse yourself! Do you eat properly? When are your energy levels lowest during the day? Do you have trouble sleeping?

Being tired is not something to be underestimated; it can really give you the blues. There are many different signs, including feeling drained, loss of vigilance, clumsiness of movement and reduced morale.

These signs affect our daily life directly and can have all sorts of consequences, including forgetfulness, lateness, slowness, loss of motivation and reduced concentration levels.

You can rediscover your form 

In most cases, fatigue occurs in people who are overworked physically, intellectually or professionally, but can also be caused by lack of sleep.

In these situations, if the body does not have sufficient resources to keep up, it can suffer. To avoid that, it is essential to take yourself firmly in hand when suffering fatigue: take time for yourself, practise a sport, use everything that your daily life has to offer, re-establish a helpful sleep pattern, and of course EAT A BALANCED DIET!

Despite all the efforts made by the PNNS, the National Health and Nutrition Programme, there is still a major difference between "what we know to be good for our health" and "what we actually do".

In fact, only 10% of people in France eat five fruits and vegetables daily!* Most French people say that they are aware of their unhealthy lifestyle, but most don't do anything about it.

Diet is however a key factor about which we can do something and which directly affects our "form" each day.

Some figures are quite revealing:

  • 70% of women have calcium deficiency.
  • Over 65% of women have iron deficiency.
  • 84% of men and almost 90% of women have magnesium deficiency.
  • Over 60% of the French population is Vitamin C deficient
  • Over 90% of French people are Vitamin D deficient*…

Although it is known that magnesium is involved in regulating a balanced nervous system, that calcium helps improve bone quality, that iron is involved in the formation of red blood cells whose role is to transport oxygen, especially to the brain, and that copper helps the immune function, it is better known that a regular lack of all these micro-nutrients can adversely affect our bodies.

So what can we do?

First of all, ensure that you eat a varied and balanced diet, with the emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables and unrefined cereals, which are sources of essential nutrients. Our diet can also be complemented by eating food supplements. These can be useful for maintaining our health overall. To help us face these periods and get through them safely, certain assets also help maintain your body's energy and your mind's strength and thus help each day start with energy and vitality.


VITAMIN'22 Cure Flash 7 Days immediately restores the vitality that the body has been missing. Its triple-action formula gives a real boost for starting the day, in the form of 7 ready-to-drink bottles of delicious orange-flavoured liquid. Each bottle contains 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and helps meet the mineral and essential trace element requirements. A wide range of plants: Guarana, ginseng and maca, widely known for their energising effects, further contributes to daily vitality.

VITAMIN'22 Cure Flash 7 days: taking it daily will soon become second nature.

A +: An exclusive formula that acts in just 7 days, and its mignonette presentation makes it easy to take everywhere.

To make the most of the benefits of Vitamin'22 Cure Flash 7 days, it is advisable to give your body all the nutrients that it may be missing, over a longer period.


VITAMIN'22 WOMAN SPECIFIC and Vitamin'22 MAN SPECIFIC contain a unique combination of lactic ferments, 8 vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids and plant extracts specifically adapted to the nutritional needs of both men and women to provide extra tone and increased vitality in all circumstances.

A +: As well as providing additional vitamins and minerals, VITAMIN'22 WOMAN and MAN SPECIFIC also contains red ginseng, known for helping maintain feelings of energy and vitality on a daily basis.


Heavy intellectual work or examinations? Need to concentrate or be vigilant?

VITAMIN'22 CAFFEINE+ is recommended for examination periods, or simply for satisfying the many and tiring demands of everyday life (lack of energy, loss of tone, general fatigue). For whenever you may need to recharge the batteries:

VITAMIN'22 CAFFEINE+ has been formulated using the best active ingredients for optimising intellectual capacities, within the context of a busy professional or student life:

  • Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12 and C, and magnesium, all help reduce fatigue.
  • Magnesium contributes to normal nervous system function and to normal physiological functions such as memory, reasoning and attention.
  • Vitamin C is involved in immune function and as such as supports natural defences.
  • Caffeine helps reduce mental fatigue, increase vigilance and improve concentration.  

A +: Available in melt-in-the-mouth powder sticks ready to use for optimum assimilation. Taking it every day will soon become second nature.


ACEROLA 1000, a remarkable natural source of Vitamin C! Acerola is a small fruit renowned for its remarkable Vitamin C content. This sharp-tasting fruit, in fact, contains 20-30 times more of it than an orange! It is therefore a remarkable source of vitality. Thanks to the benefit of Vitamin C, your body will be and feel revitalised.

As an addition to a varied diet rich in fruit and vegetables, acerola treatment is beneficial during particularly tiring work or times of intense physical activity. An intake of Vitamin C in natural form (compared with the synthesised vitamin in the form of ascorbic acid) carries many benefits :

  • Vitamin C of natural origin presents bioavailability of up to 35% greater than the synthesised form, meaning that the body assimilates it better.
  • Its presence within a complete natural matrix, in combination with various plant-based nutrients such as flavonoids, makes it more effective than Vitamin C administered in its synthesised chemical form.

*Vinson & al, 1988; Eriko Uchida & al 2011.

ACEROLA 100 Vitamin C 100% natural origin is available as delicious cherry-flavour chewable tablets that contain no sugar and each contribute 180 mg (that is, 225% of RDI) of 100% naturally-occurring Vitamin C for optimum efficacy. 

The +: Chewable sugar-free tablets with great cherry flavour. 


VITAMIN'22 OXXYNEA® is a food supplement based on a patented extract of 22 fruits and vegetables, Vitamin C and minerals, and is rich in copper, manganese and selenium antioxidants. Health professionals recommend eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. The + 2 tablets = 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day*

NEW FOR 2016

Vitamin'22 Multivitamin Gums are an ideal supplement for a daily diet and optimise intake of essential nutrients in a practical and tasty way.

The gums are made using a unique set of 14 vitamins and minerals, which help reduce fatigue (Vitamins C, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12) and help maintain immune function (Vitamins C, B6, B9 & B12, zinc and selenium). They also contain a patented extract of 22 fruits and vegetables.

The +: formulated without sugar, gelatin, preservatives, artificial colours, gluten or lactose. 100% natural origin, orange and cherry flavours!