Examinations, busy time at work ?

Boost your intellectual performance and concentration! 

A-levels, university degree exams, university admission tests... When you prepare for exams, heavy demands are made on your cognitive functions.

And on D-day (or is that E-day), anxiety and stress will affect thousands of school and university students.

To give yourself the best possible chance, you need to boost your energy, memory and concentration levels to make the most of the revision period, but also to act to reduce anxiety and thus arrive at the exam in top form, mentally fighting fit, with all your ideas clear.

Within the business works, periods of stress and intense activity are also common, and physical and mental energy requirements are identical to those of students.

Problems with memory and concentration can therefore occur at any age, together with difficulty in learning and memory lapses during periods of fatigue or stress, reductions in concentration levels after meals. Here, nutrition can play a significant role in maintaining and even helping improve these functions.

In addition to a varied and balanced diet, certain nutritional elements are necessary for good brain function and can help combat fatigue and stress. To sum up, you need a full intake of Group B vitamins (for concentration and proper nervous system and metabolic function), magnesium (for a balanced nervous system) and vitamin C (for vitality). 

VITAMIN'22 CAFFEINE+ has been formulated from the best active ingredients to optimise intellectual capacity for students or those with a busy professional life.

VITAMIN'22 CAFFEINE+ combines nine vitamins, magnesium, caffeine and Taurine.

  • • Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12 and C, and magnesium, all help reduce fatigue.
  • • Vitamin B3 and magnesium play a part in energy metabolism.
  • • Magnesium contributes to normal nervous system function and to normal physiological functions such as memory, reasoning and attention.
  • • Vitamin C is involved in immune function and as such as supports natural defences.
  • • Caffeine helps reduce mental fatigue, increase vigilance and improve concentration.

For this reason, VITAMIN'22 CAFFEINE+ will be of great help to you during exams or very busy work periods, or simply to help meet the many and tiring demands of everyday life (lack of energy, loss of tone, general tiredness).

VITAMIN'22 CAFFEINE+ is available in sticks of melt-in-the-mouth powder, ready to use, to ensure optimum assimilation.

Taking it every day soon becomes second nature!

A few recommendations:

  • Keep up good standards of hygiene
  • Get enough sleep
  • Have balanced and preferably regular meals
  • Practise a regular physical activity.
  • Take time to have a break.

Keep up your oxygen intake!