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Give yourself the vitamin treatment you need !

Optimising your intake when you don't eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables is of particular importance in meeting all your nutritional requirements.

Every one of us has different nutritional needs.

These needs can depend on several factors, including weight, age, gender and physical activity. Because of the uncertainty that we all experience with regard to our vitamin status, food supplements taken regularly can be really helpful.

VITAMIN'22 is a complete range of natural health products specially produced with a vitamin and mineral base, which may or may not be combined with other ingredients, plants and lactic ferments, a patented active ingredient for maintaining tone and vitality and maximising your general daily well-being, while meeting everyone's needs.

To choose a dietary supplement is to ensure your good form today and your good health tomorrow. Everyone - teenagers, adults, elderly people - is affected.

Vitamin'22 products guarantee a balanced vitamin and mineral intake of high quality, whether or not combined with other significant ingredients.

There is bound to be a Vitamin'22 product for you !

Varied forms

Available in single-dose bottles, tablets, capsules, sticks or even gum, Vitamin'22 products will meet all of your needs and help you avoid the effects of overwork, travel fatigue and even immune deficiency.

By using Vitamin'22 products of natural origin, such as plant extracts, which never have a stimulant effect, you will produce an effect that is a real tonic, balanced and durable.

Armed with their technical and scientific expertise, Laboratoires Ineldea have produced innovative, healthy and natural solutions with their multivitamin products that meet your need for well-being while respecting your body; specific products that bring together the best active ingredients, carefully measured and combined to provide a combined effect according to each person's need, and ensuring tone and vitality every day.