The boost

The boost  

Are you temporarily tired? Does your vitality vary? Do you suffer from loss of concentration and vigilance?

Then boost your body! A natural helping hand that restores your daily energy fast!

There are 4 products.
  • 7 days to boost energy

    First course of ready-to-drink combination of 22 vitamins + minerals + stimulant plants A special boost! The product: An exclusive formula that acts in just 7 days! Its mignonette presentation allows you to take it everywhere! Energiser, Practical and Innovative!

    6,64 € 9,48 € -30%
    - 30%
  • Energy and vitality every day Concentration and vigilance

    Increased energy, daily vitality Concentration and vigilance The + product: VITAMIN'™ 22 CAFFEINE comes in the form of melt-in-the-mouth sticks, ready for use, for optimal assimilation, a movement easy to adopt every day!

    4,64 € 6,64 € -30%
    - 30%
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